Flex Work Research Centre - New publications April

Please find below the latest reports that have been posted on the Flex Work Research website: www.flexworkresearch.org:

Part-time unemployment and optimal employment insurance. (S. Ek & B. Holmlund).
A significant fraction of the labor force consists of employed workers who are part-time unemployed (underemployed) in the… read more.

Push or Pull? Drivers of Female Labor Force Participation during India’s Economic Boom. (S. Klasen & J. Pieters).
In the past twenty years, India’s economy has grown at increasing rates and now belongs to the fastest-growing economies in… read more.

Part-Time Work, Fixed-Term Contracts, and the Returns to Experience. (D. Fernández-Kranz, M. Paul & N. Rodríguez-Planas).
Using data from Spanish Social Security records, we investigate the returns to experience in different flexible work… read more.

The impact of migrant labour in the workforce. (Saksvik, P.).
The objective of the present study was to explore presence factors and examine what psychosocial factors differentiate the… read more.

A re-examination of flexible employment practices in Japan. (J. MacVaugha & J. Evans).
This article re-examines commonly held perspectives on flexible employment practices used in Japanese organisations. Recent… read more.

Managing lean capabilities through flexible workforce development: a process and framework. (Kim Hua Tana, Paul Denton, Rosalind Rae & Leanne Chung).
Many firms today are employing temporary contractual workers in order to help them to stay lean and flexible. The benefit… read more.


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