Statisticless homeless deaths in France

I just found this website which aims to record the deaths of homeless people in France. The numbers are by no mean exhaustive and concerns cases of death that result in one way or another from living on the streets. Of course, these statistics are notoriously hard to collect and variation in numbers accross years cannot be used to infer any sort of trends. Needless to say that given these difficulties, these numbers are almost certainly a gross under-estimation of the true underlying numbers. They have statistics for the past couple of years, which look like this:

239 in 2007
386 in 2008
405 in 2009
414 in 2010

They also have a dataset for the years 1998-2003 which records more than 1000 deaths together the name and age of the person (where available). Excluding the datapoints where the age is missing the distribution looks like this:


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