Misconceptions about working time in the EU27

The role of the 'market'
Mostly, the market  in the sense of the free bargaining between the individual worker and his individual employer do not freely establish the working time for workers in the EU27. On average, collective agreements set working time for 75% of workers in the EU27.

Working hours in different sectors
In 2010, workers in the manufacturing sector worked the longest weekly hours (37.6 hours in the metal working sector), followed by the public sector (37.5 in local governments) and workers in the service sectors came last (37.3 hours in the banking sector).

Working hours in different countries
The shortest actual working week was in Finland and the longest in Romania. Greece was in highest range with 40 hours a week and the UK was in the lowest range at 37.5 hours.

Source: EIRO
More information on these issues can be found here and here.


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