Flexwork newsletter - May

1. The labour markets in Finland, Germany, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden 2006-2010. Developments and challenges for the future.. (S. Klinger, E. Spitznagel, J. Alatalo, K. Berglind, H. Gustavsson, H. Kure, I. Nio, J. Salmins, V. Skuja, J. Sorbo).
Via the International Labour Market Forecasting Network, forecasters of the public employment services or comparable… read more.

2. Research Report on Non-Regular Employment: Focusing on Trends, Equal Treatment, and the Transition to Regular Employment. (Y. Asao, K. Takahashi, H. Maeura & S. Lee).
This summary is a compilation of the results of “Integrated Surveys and Research on Trends among Non-Regular… read more.

3. Berufliche Statusmobilität von Arbeitslosen nach beruflicher Weiterbildung. Ein empirischer Beitrag zur Evaluation der Förderung beruflicher Weiterbildung. (A. Deeke & M. Baas).
Für die mikroanalytische Evaluation der Förderung der beruflichen Weiterbildung (FbW) von Arbeitslosen wird… read more.

4. A Very Uneven Road: US Labor Markets in the Past 30 Years. (H. J. Holzer, M. Hlavac).
We will use data from the Current Population Surveys for over 30 years to answer these questions. The analysis will proceed… read more.

5. Resilience, Equity, and Opportunity. The World Bank’s Social Protection and Labor Strategy 2012-2022. (World Bank).
Risk and the quest for opportunity feature heavily in economic life in the 21st century. Sustained growth in many… read more.

6. Private and Public Provision of Counseling to Job-Seekers: Evidence from a Large Controlled Experiment. (L. Behaghel, B. Crépon & M. Gurgand).
Contracting out public services to private firms has ambiguous effects when quality is imperfectly observable. Using a… read more.

7. The impact of Greek labour market regulation on temporary and family employment: evidence from a new survey. (Anagnostopoulos, A. & Stanley Siebert, W.).
This paper uses an original dataset for 206 workplaces in Thessaly (Greece), to study consequences of Greece’s employment… read more.


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